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GChat is provider of video chat, communications and web development software and associated services. The company offers Video Chat, Web Messenger and Virtual World products for sale. The company addresses the needs of private communities, SMEs and non-profit organisations around the world. If you were brought here when you searched for GChat or one of its software products, please use the following links to reach your intended destination.

The company's solutions are cross-platform, multi-language and easy to deploy. GChat provides professional ongoing customer and technical support, and is proud to host a friendly, user-driven support community on its free discussion board.


Video Chat

Video Chat is designed to host chat communities with full-featured media features. It has a powerful admin panel and exceptional support for popular CMS databases, allowing for close integration with existing communities.

Web Messenger

Web Messenger is an easy-to-use, 1-to-1 messaging client, which can act as a standalone solution or be integrated within a particular website or web resource.

Virtual World

Virtual World is everything that makes Video Chat great taken to the third dimension. It supports fully interactive, animated 3D avatars, gestures and smileys.


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